Friday, February 16, 2007

Classes at Crop Weekend with Creative Imaginations

Here are just some of the classes that are being offered at our weekend crop. I have been working with Melodee and Danelle to bring you pictures of all the classes they are offering. You need to call the store 845-621-3119 to reserve your spots. Classes are filling up!!! OHH Barb and I picked our winners... Linda, Ruth & Ramona have all been choosen to be on the t-Shirt. The t-shirt will be unvailed at the March Crop and then it will be available to all for purchase.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

And YOU thought this was easy!!!

Ok after scrambling like a cray person for the last couple of weeks I can now tell you why. Barb and I have been trying to track down a suitable location for our crop.

Just to give everyone tuning in a little back ground: Last year we had Donna Downey come to our first crop at 1 hotel. Everything was a little pricey for us and our customers, so we started looking around for the next hotel. We found the Hampton INN, Danbury, for our next crop with Ali Edwards. It was a great setup. Just enough room for a manageable amount of croppers. A class room for Ali and a nice size room for a Mini store. It also had like a food counter so we can layout ourown food for our croppers. You would think this was nice set up right. WRONG!!!! We tried to book our next crop- and the sales woman never called us back! after MONTHS of going back and forth The Hampton Inn was making it impossible for us to return. They said we were high maintenance!!! Now I ask anyone at the Hampton Inn crop in October. Were we high maintenance? They didn't have to clean that room until we left and everyone kept it clean. We set up and cleaned up after every meal, they did not need to do a thing. So our third Crop was at the Holiday INN Danbury, They were pleasant; however, we were not happy with the overall hotel. So here we are now setting up to do our 4th crop looking at yet another NEW hotel to deal with.

Since cropping is still considered small in these parts by some, they just don't get the concept. We looked in the Fishkill area and the on place we did liked was booked. Now the Hampton INN in Danbury still wanted to rent to us for that weekend but they were still making it very difficult for us to be there, so we said No Thanks. Are you following me so far. We made arrangements with the Sierra Suites in Fishkill. The group rates rooms were a little high, but this place had everything we needed, so we thought....After sending out the first e-mails to our customers, our customers were calling us back and saying the hotel was being rude and not offering the group discount (which was really no real discount) and they wouldn't take the reservation. After talking to them it was quite evident that they were NON-Scrappers and had no idea of the magnitude of stuff our customers would have. They wanted our scrappers to STOP at 8pm and clean off their tables so they could use them for something else. Once we heard this we said absolutely NOT. So we were scrambling to get another spot for us to crop.

Lets face it, we have these two amazing woman coming in to give classes and show of there stuff and we have serious croppers coming in the crop til they drop. It is our obligation to our customers to give them 6 ft or more space to CROP. We pack 95% of our store up so if anyone had forgotten something we would have it for them, plus we try and get all the newest stuff for everyone. We try to keep the cost down for our customers and get them a pretty good room rate so our customers can stay in a safe hotel without driving home in the late hours. We choose the food to give our customers a pleasant dining experience and we try to offer different snacks to keep them going. Wow I didn't realize I had so much Rant in me this morning.

Now we are going to the Sheraton Danbury which is exit 2 off 84 and it has been newly renovated. They are giving us 6ft tables and they are wider then we have had them in the past. We checked the rooms out and jumped on the beds to make sure that the mattresses were acceptable and pleasant. We told them that if Barb and I liked this place and our customers said they liked it we would be back everytime. So now I turn the evaluation over to our customers. After the retreat we want your feedback. Let us know how you like the hotel and if we should return. OK now on to better things. I have questions for you....

Did you start our Feb challenge? You still have time. 5 different Valentine pages in a layout.

Did you start designing our t-shirt yet? Feb 9th is our deadline. We need time to get them printed and ready for the crop. Rules are simple 11x8,5 (landscape) layout in ONE color. Got it!!! Now get started. Our NEW registration form will be posted this weekend so download it and send it in with your check for the retreat. We have a few things we are working on as a surprise for you so get your registration in asap. OK I have to stop blogging now my husband wants to get on the computer before the game. If I have time to come back I will. Julie