Wednesday, April 04, 2007

April Challenge

OK Ladies Here is the Challenge. The above overlays looked so fun that we wanted to see what you could do with it, so here is your chance. All challenges are due on the last day of April. All submissions must be at Lasting Memories by the end of April. You can either bring them to the store or mail them to the store. All store contact info is on our store website; Congrats To LINDA for her winning layout for our March Challenge. Thanks to all who entered. We really like seeing all the layouts hanging up in the store. It really shows what everyone can do and the fun they had doing them. I really hope that we get more and more people every time. We are gearing up to go to Memory Expo next week so we are getting in more product and planning our booth and many more things. Wow there is alot going on this week and next. If you want info on Memory Expo there is a downloadable coupon there for everyone that wants to go. So the next week will be crazy so forgive me if I don't blog alot- keep checking the website for new product pictures from Sue and keeping using our meetup board for tips, tricks and fun stuff. Make your memories last....with us Julie