Saturday, November 29, 2008

After the dust settles

Well, we just survived our first crop after the store closed. And we are getting ready for our next crop on Dec 6th. Make sure you call to reserve your space by Dec 1st. If we don't get enough we might have to postpone it until January.

The firehouse is really nice. There are plenty of outlets for powerstrips and plenty of room to spread out. We have a nice little setup there. We had a pretty nice spread of NEW product and a couple of great discounts at the discount table.

We also just sent out an e-mail to the meetup group asking for cookie/card swappers. Dec 16th we are having a card/cookie swap. goto the meetup group and sign up for the swap pick one or both. Once you sign up for the swap you will be given directions to Julie's house for the swap.